Assessment Session (first session, 60 minutes) $150.00

Each subsequent session (50 minutes) (Individuals)          $125.00

Outside Office Work (inpatient visits)  $150.00

Outside Office Work (conference with attorneys, phone calls/emails discussing you/your minor child, additional administrative work for you/your minor child’s case)            $125.00/hr (prorated)

All fees are due and must be paid at the end of each session.  Payment is due when services are rendered, and cash, credit cards, cashier’s checks, or personal checks are acceptable forms of payment.  Cash payments are required for payments less than $50; credit/debit cards are not accepted for payments less than $50. Sliding scale fees are assessed on a case by case basis. 

**In the event you will be unable to keep an appointment, you must notify me at least 24 hours in advance at (469) 324-9835 via text or email at I do not receive such advance notice, you will be responsible for paying the full fee for the session you missed.

Explanation of Fees:

Court Fees:

Half Day Retainer (4 hours) $1000 Additional hours $200/hr

Reset Fee $500